Meet the Founder

Kelly Verzillo, Owner, President and founder, has over 20 years of experience in recruiting, human resources and sales. She was in the healthcare and medical industry for a large part of her career including a role as Vice President of Recruitment for a national physician search firm. She was an expert at recruiting physicians and other medical positions including nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses. She also has extensive experience selling and recruiting for Cyber Security, Technology, Aerospace, Legal and other SMB industries.

Since the inception of RadiantHire, her specialty has been Cyber Security and Technology as the world shifts and changes the needs in these areas have become even more critical. In matching candidates where they can feel good about being part of mission critical operations is Kelly’s way of contributing to the bigger picture. Her human resources roles and knowledge expand beyond recruiting to include preparation of job descriptions, creation of compensation plans, training, reference and background checking and on boarding plans for new hires. Also employee relations and management of staff.

Kelly has significant experience in sales and client relationship development. She has been in sales roles herself and has been involved in training and development of sales people.

Throughout her career she has continued to see small to medium sized businesses struggle to have the time, talent and resources required to meet their recruiting needs. This motivated her to start this company to be able to provide a high quality service at a fair market price allowing companies like you to hire quality talent quickly and effectively, train and retain staff to increase productivity, reduce cost and grow their organization without adding fixed costs.

In her free time you can find Kelly hiking with her dog on the trails or kayaking and paddleboarding on one of the many beautiful lakes.

RadiantHire Solutions, Inc.

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